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Monday, October 22, 2018


At the end of part 3 we saw the hexagon. how does this relate to the 2 tetrahedrons interlocks creating a tetrahedron star? well if you draw a straight line between each point of the star you then get a hexagon.

is there anymore geometric evidence on much smaller scales?

yes there is indeed and here is a real snow flake with this geometry. all snowflakes observed under a microscope in its original form before any melting show direct evidence of this geometry.



Despite every snowflake being unique and different they all have the same base geometry.

now how does this relate to infinity? , in part 5 we will show how the expansion and contraction feedback creates within itself more feed backs , this makes boundary conditions arriving at specific relative distances to build a pattern of infinite divisions going inward .

Thursday, October 18, 2018


In part 2 we saw the idea of the smallest geometry possible while maintaining a equilateral geometry and then polarised this. Interestingly this looks a little like some ancient symbolism if 'flattened'' and then we get a star of david or the jewish star ect.

the longitude and latitude intersection points are important because we are suggesting this geometry and structure is caused by inward angular movement that in turn causes the radial spherical outward in a feedback loop.

If true then those intersection point's would show the most activity . And indeed this is what the model predicts on planets in our solar system.

Jupiter's red spot appears at the right positions for this geometry ,

our own sun ,sun spots

And saturn's north pole cloud mass.

even the mars volcano Olympus Mons falls at the right longitude and latitude.

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