For now we have skipped over a lot more information that can be related to the geometry of the collapse or inward motion towards infinitely small.

There is definitely more to go over , but its a vast set of information and relates to a unified field theory. Here is a final part 6 for this initial take on this. Many other related aspects will come via other articles which are also likely to be broken into parts.

We will briefly explain how over unity in energy technologies can relate to this, If we equate that all points in space and time are infinitely connected going through to the inward geometry towards a point of singularity then this equates to a infinitely dense energy dynamic. Yet that would mean space would be infinitely dense.

But is it? it sure don't feel like it , right? because space is a vacuum and feels much less dense than anything. Yet whats really happening in this model is that each point finds equilibrium with other points and so there is no inertia. We theorise that points and places of asymmetry or dis-equlibrium produce an higer degree of outward density. So we have a realisation that so called empty space cannot be empty at all. infact its infinitely full! so all that we see and experience as matter is infact coming from the space itself. Yet most mainstream physics at the time of writing does not equate one with the other that much.

Its usually seen as very seperate, being that there is space and there is matter. But we do see mass being blamed for curving space to generate a gravitational effect. So there is some equating to space having at least somthing since you cant curve nothing!. 

Is there anything that is a verifiable observation to support this? We believe there is and this relates to the Casimir effect. named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir.

Casimir basically theorised that residual energy could be measured in a vacuum. However if all we have talked about here is based on anything real at all then the energy level should not be merely residual and small., It would be a big result infact the calculation should bring an infinite number.

Casimir was faced with a slight problem though. At the time it was 1948 and access to technology that could prove such a result wasn't available.

Some decades later they were able to carry out an experiment which involved two extremely thin metal plates together at an absurdly small distance from one another , and put in a vacuum, these plates were mere microns apart.

If there was any vacuum energy you would create an imbalance due to less room within the space between the plates than there is room for on the outside. The resulting difference in density results in a quantum mechanical effect pushing the two plates together, In a much more layman term, you could think of it as that typical pickle jar with that super tight lid that is hard to open. This happens because there is more atmospheric pressure on the outside pushing down than on the jar than you have on the outside. Opening the jar causes an equilibrium in the sourounding densitys and the jar lid can be lifted of.




They essential found an infinite result. Yet here we go again, confirmation bais came in becuse of preconcived notions on infinite v finite. 

In the book of gravity we quote

'…present day quantum field theory 'gets rid by a renormalization process' of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.'

In other words, they accept that the vacuum structure - allegedly empty space - is infinitely dense, but instead of dealing with infinity directly they attempt to renormalize this value with an equation to cut the number.

We spoke about confirmation bias previously and it arives from a preconcived idea on how things work. Physicist and particularly mathmaticians are used to seeing a finite number,So on the one hand it is somwhat logical to attempt to renormalize infinity, because after all, it is easier to plug a definite number into an equation than it is to use infinity.

 on the other hand in the world outside of mathematics, to not accept the infinite density of vacuum energy is to avoid a truthful perceptual experience and understanding of reality proven by the casimir effect itself. This maybe hard to accept but the results dont go away just becuse some one doesnt like infinity. 

On the topic of re-normalization, Nassim Haramein whos work inspired these 6 sub articles of this one article

(hint hint everything big is made out of somthing smaller) can add to this conversation:


'To understand this [the infinite energy density of the vacuum] better, physicists applied a principle of 're-normalization', using a fundamental constant to cut off the number and get a finite idea of how dense the vacuum energy must be, with all its vibrations.

The cut-off value used was the Planck's distance or length, named after the great physicist Max Planck, who is considered to be the founder of quantum theory.

This value is thought to be the smallest vibration possible.'

heres the most ironic part and that is when they tried to renormalize the 'energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite' they came up with a value that was not much better!

Using the Planck's distance which is the smallest known measurement they decided to calculate the vacuum energy density by counting the number of Planck's distances they could fit into a centimeter cube of space by stacking them like subatomic bricks, fitting as many as possible into that area.

Next they calculated the total amount of energy that was available in that space by multiplying the energy of a single Planck's distance with the total number of Planck's distances they packed into that centimeter cubed of space so that they could have a definite value for the density of vacuum energy.

(and remember, all of this was being done in order to get a value that wasn't infinite).

Looking things up further heres what we found, after the so called 'renormalization' The resulting value that they got for the vacuum energy density was 1093 grams per centimeter cube of space. That is 10 with 93 zeroes after it, an enormous number.   Eeven the founder of exploratory minds has math issues and a propensity to flip numbers backwards ,but this is an epic disregard of infinite energy and here we are at the time of writing, in an energy crisis! 

We are also told with some current physics views that dismiss this energy density that we could make a calculation on the entire 'known' universe and have this energy equivalent packed into a single centermeter cube of space and you would still be missing a huge amount. the result would only be .1055 ..

Another perspective to help this all fit into place is that we percive matter to solid yet under observation's on the atomic scale and smaller we discover more and more so called space. this space is everywhere. matter is coming from this space, it is not a seperate thing from it. it is one and the same. and infinitly conected via all points in space and time creating a universal energy feild. 


mainstream physics has often said the following 

Zero-point energy (ZPE) is a an observed difference between the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have system may have, and the classical minimum energy of the system.

Our translation of this in better terms is 

'A zero point energy of any given matter is its lowest possbile vibrational value that always persist even at absolute zero tempertures. an example is that Liquid helium retains kentic energy and does not freeze regardless of temperature due to its zero point energy or vibrational value.'

So in short all things have a lowest possible energy value and are never still and cannot have an energy vibration of 0.  if we combine all points in space and time through the planks distance and beyond this combination = a universal zero point energy feild in the so called space, hence the casimir effect gives us an infinite number. 

to quote.

'The vacuum energy density, or what can be called a Planck's density, was in the order of 1093 grams per cubic centimeter of space and was quickly dubbed 'the worst prediction physics has ever made' or 'the vacuum catastrophe'.

Not a catastrophe at all, but really a fundamental result backed by other aspects of infinite conectivity and feed back between expansion and contraction! The problem is to much analysis trys to seperate things as if they work in isolation. yet there is no such thing known even in  accepted physics that would equate to a totally isolated system. if it was so, it esentially would not exist. Like dimension 0. ;) 







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