In part 1 we suggested the lesson in dimension's is backwards and that all that does actually exist is the dot already as 3D , How does this relate to infinity?

well here goes a new lesson in shapes on a board , no longer a dot on a board making a line of dots , then those lines making a square ,and then finally making a cube. Instead we have a sphere. , so here's a dimensional scale , the new dot if you will.

Sphere - Simplicial.png

Considering the physical attributes of radial and expansive geometry we often see spherical shapes. But we live in a universe of equal's and opposites. While we have expansion there will be contraction.

The radial geometry of expansion is obvious and easy to work out, but what is the geometry of contraction and inward motion towards its smallest possible geometry? A good perspective to use is that the radial is symmetrical and can be thought of as infinite sides . This is easier to visualise as a sphere with a mesh of triangles, this is often used in 3D modeling. We can always add more triangles. the more triangles the more sides and the more spherical the object is.

The opposite geometry would be the least amount of sides while maintaining perfect equilateral symmetry , Equilateral means all sides are exactly the same, this geometry is called a tetrahedron.


We believe that physics needs to address more on how there is a fundamental feedback between expansion and contraction, and as we go into this we will see direct evidence of these inward geometries.

We are still missing part of the results in inward geometry here because the universe is polarised, north, south ,negative charge, positive charge ect.

so to finished of this geometry we invertt another tetrahedron into the other. this generates a 3D tetrahedron star

Like this:

and we place it inside the sphere . in part 3 we will explain why we have added the longitude and latitude. this view on expansion and contraction feed back is inspired and somewhat taken from nassim haramein's work. whose efforts go way beyond our abilities to cover everything required here, but we intend to give a basic aspect so our readers can understand this bigger picture.

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