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this catagory helps explain infinity of the vaccum, or implosion rather than explosion,. and how expansion and contraction creates boundary condition and feed back loops important in understanding why we always find a ''new'' particle in particle physics 

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Saturday, January 26, 2019


For the most part we only have a theory on how planets are formed and even how these planets magnetic fields are generated. even earths plate-tectonics are only a theory, granted though this theory seems a very fitting model to what we see and observe.

However there are problems with some of these theory's for a start at the time of writing we have earths magnetic field at about 11.05 degrees off alignment with earth's physical axial rotation. This also appears to be altering at an increasing rate, we have found nothing that is satisfiable in current day physics to explain how this could be. Current theory dictates that the earth's magnetic field is generated by electrically conductive materials (molten iron core) within the earth which generate the magnetic field via its spin. This theory would be sound enough except for the 11.05 degrees asymmetric problem. If its spin that generates the feild then this should cause a relitive spin within the aearth more fluid matter to be in relitive alinement with the physical axis and spin It should be inline with the physical spin.

Progress is being made though,the basics of current theory assumes that planet formation is simultaneous with formation of its parent star. how this is thought to occur is that the huge gas cloud is disturbed , as a result of this it leads up to a gravitational collapse and eventually increases in spin, this eventually forms a hot dense centre known as a proto ‘parent’ star - leaving behind a thin cooling disc of gas. As the disc gets thinner, particles begin to collapse in and eventually become planets and those planets also end up with moons. it may sound reasonable and good , however we typically only see a final fully formed planet and as a result it is difficult to get a complete picture of the formation process and test these theories.

However this is changing,a team of research scientists were able to obtain the first ever image of an exoplanet in the process of forming. To achieve this the scientists used the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research (SPHERE) instrument, on the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), which features a coronagraph to block out the stars light, creating an artificial eclipse, and revealing the faint corona and any orbiting planetary bodies. The observations revealed the presence of a new-born gas giant orbiting its parent dwarf star PDS 70 scientists were able to photograph and determine its distance from the parent star to be 1.9 million miles. Further analysis showed that the temperature of this baby planet (~ 1200 Kelvin) is much hotter than fully formed planets which is what to be expected and inline with current theory.

This research has huge implications, as now for the first time, scientists are able to observe and study the different stages of stellar formation. This will hopefully lead to new insights and a better understanding of the key processes involved in planetary and solar system formation.







Thursday, November 1, 2018


In the geometry relating to infinity articles we arrived at the reasonable take on an energy density in the vacuüm that equates to it being infinitely dense by refering to the cassimir experiment. Weather technology can tap this directly is debatable. But if the theory is true at all this would drive inventors to build  technologies to attempt to tap such an energy source giving us clean energy output systems, note when we say over unity, we dont mean breaking the laws of thermodynamics, we mean outwaying the energy and financial input needed by human intervention that the energy equivalent outputs, becuse the source of the output isnt needed to be fed into an open system like this.. 

So Here we present to you an 'over unity' energy tech from, over unity basically means more energy is outputted than the energy required to input into any given system. Again conventional thermodynamics would say this is impossible and we agree however the extra energy can come in via the surrounding space.

Again to back up ,If anyone needs a review of how this works visit the theory we have supported with the following link

While the Intricacies of this  technology maybe beyond the scope of this article at the time of writing we think its important we share a little and point you in the direction of  Professor John R. R. Searle's work for now. 

A SEG ( Spatial Effect Generator ) motor is the invention of the Professor John R. R. Searl

an energy out put result known as the Searl Effect , discovered by John Roy Robert Searl in 1946.

in simple terms, this relates to a  method of extracting clean and sustainable electrical energy.

The SEG motor consists of three fixed large rings known as stator that are uniquely magnetized with patterns setup to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors. The magnetic rotors or rollers consist of eight segmented components made of the same four layers of the larger concentric materials that make up the stators. These rollers have both freedom of spin and rotation around the stator which generates both mechanical and electrical power.

The SEG is a 'open system' of energy conversion that does not break known thermodynamic laws, these same laws should apply at the quantum level , despite some claiming thermodynamics break's down at the quantum level, The open energy cycle of the SEG enables a function as a primary mover of the rotors and more importantly as an electrical generator that continuously interacts and processes energy from the natural environment or surrounding space.

You might think that if this is extracting energy from the surrounding space there should be some localised effects of the space around the SEG , this is in fact true. The side effects include a halo of negative air ionization, vacuüm by extreme electrical charge, cooling temperatures of both device and the local environment, also gravitational and inertial anomalies under specific conditions. These side effect's have additional practical use in todays world. The cooling effects can be used to keep items that are normaly kept cold via other means.

These side effects are highly important effects that should be measured by any scientific study as it proves directly that there is an energy transference going on that breaks traditional convention of energy technologies we have used over the past years. 

Also important is many have claimed over unity in energy technologies and then basically failed to deliver and have nothing more than an illusion of over unity . every trick you could think of has been pulled . battery packs, hidden wires ect. all to get a funding that they take then you hear no more about it. Another problem is some things seem to be backing up claims of active suppression on these technologies as well. 

heres an important video for the reader to understand more about the philosphy and drive behind the SEG motor invention.;


Thursday, October 25, 2018


For now we have skipped over a lot more information that can be related to the geometry of the collapse or inward motion towards infinitely small.

There is definitely more to go over , but its a vast set of information and relates to a unified field theory. Here is a final part 6 for this initial take on this. Many other related aspects will come via other articles which are also likely to be broken into parts.

We will briefly explain how over unity in energy technologies can relate to this, If we equate that all points in space and time are infinitely connected going through to the inward geometry towards a point of singularity then this equates to a infinitely dense energy dynamic. Yet that would mean space would be infinitely dense.

But is it? it sure don't feel like it , right? because space is a vacuum and feels much less dense than anything. Yet whats really happening in this model is that each point finds equilibrium with other points and so there is no inertia. We theorise that points and places of asymmetry or dis-equlibrium produce an higer degree of outward density. So we have a realisation that so called empty space cannot be empty at all. infact its infinitely full! so all that we see and experience as matter is infact coming from the space itself. Yet most mainstream physics at the time of writing does not equate one with the other that much.

Its usually seen as very seperate, being that there is space and there is matter. But we do see mass being blamed for curving space to generate a gravitational effect. So there is some equating to space having at least somthing since you cant curve nothing!. 

Is there anything that is a verifiable observation to support this? We believe there is and this relates to the Casimir effect. named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir.

Casimir basically theorised that residual energy could be measured in a vacuum. However if all we have talked about here is based on anything real at all then the energy level should not be merely residual and small., It would be a big result infact the calculation should bring an infinite number.

Casimir was faced with a slight problem though. At the time it was 1948 and access to technology that could prove such a result wasn't available.

Some decades later they were able to carry out an experiment which involved two extremely thin metal plates together at an absurdly small distance from one another , and put in a vacuum, these plates were mere microns apart.

If there was any vacuum energy you would create an imbalance due to less room within the space between the plates than there is room for on the outside. The resulting difference in density results in a quantum mechanical effect pushing the two plates together, In a much more layman term, you could think of it as that typical pickle jar with that super tight lid that is hard to open. This happens because there is more atmospheric pressure on the outside pushing down than on the jar than you have on the outside. Opening the jar causes an equilibrium in the sourounding densitys and the jar lid can be lifted of.




They essential found an infinite result. Yet here we go again, confirmation bais came in becuse of preconcived notions on infinite v finite. 

In the book of gravity we quote

'…present day quantum field theory 'gets rid by a renormalization process' of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.'

In other words, they accept that the vacuum structure - allegedly empty space - is infinitely dense, but instead of dealing with infinity directly they attempt to renormalize this value with an equation to cut the number.

We spoke about confirmation bias previously and it arives from a preconcived idea on how things work. Physicist and particularly mathmaticians are used to seeing a finite number,So on the one hand it is somwhat logical to attempt to renormalize infinity, because after all, it is easier to plug a definite number into an equation than it is to use infinity.

 on the other hand in the world outside of mathematics, to not accept the infinite density of vacuum energy is to avoid a truthful perceptual experience and understanding of reality proven by the casimir effect itself. This maybe hard to accept but the results dont go away just becuse some one doesnt like infinity. 

On the topic of re-normalization, Nassim Haramein whos work inspired these 6 sub articles of this one article

(hint hint everything big is made out of somthing smaller) can add to this conversation:


'To understand this [the infinite energy density of the vacuum] better, physicists applied a principle of 're-normalization', using a fundamental constant to cut off the number and get a finite idea of how dense the vacuum energy must be, with all its vibrations.

The cut-off value used was the Planck's distance or length, named after the great physicist Max Planck, who is considered to be the founder of quantum theory.

This value is thought to be the smallest vibration possible.'

heres the most ironic part and that is when they tried to renormalize the 'energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite' they came up with a value that was not much better!

Using the Planck's distance which is the smallest known measurement they decided to calculate the vacuum energy density by counting the number of Planck's distances they could fit into a centimeter cube of space by stacking them like subatomic bricks, fitting as many as possible into that area.

Next they calculated the total amount of energy that was available in that space by multiplying the energy of a single Planck's distance with the total number of Planck's distances they packed into that centimeter cubed of space so that they could have a definite value for the density of vacuum energy.

(and remember, all of this was being done in order to get a value that wasn't infinite).

Looking things up further heres what we found, after the so called 'renormalization' The resulting value that they got for the vacuum energy density was 1093 grams per centimeter cube of space. That is 10 with 93 zeroes after it, an enormous number.   Eeven the founder of exploratory minds has math issues and a propensity to flip numbers backwards ,but this is an epic disregard of infinite energy and here we are at the time of writing, in an energy crisis! 

We are also told with some current physics views that dismiss this energy density that we could make a calculation on the entire 'known' universe and have this energy equivalent packed into a single centermeter cube of space and you would still be missing a huge amount. the result would only be .1055 ..

Another perspective to help this all fit into place is that we percive matter to solid yet under observation's on the atomic scale and smaller we discover more and more so called space. this space is everywhere. matter is coming from this space, it is not a seperate thing from it. it is one and the same. and infinitly conected via all points in space and time creating a universal energy feild. 


mainstream physics has often said the following 

Zero-point energy (ZPE) is a an observed difference between the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have system may have, and the classical minimum energy of the system.

Our translation of this in better terms is 

'A zero point energy of any given matter is its lowest possbile vibrational value that always persist even at absolute zero tempertures. an example is that Liquid helium retains kentic energy and does not freeze regardless of temperature due to its zero point energy or vibrational value.'

So in short all things have a lowest possible energy value and are never still and cannot have an energy vibration of 0.  if we combine all points in space and time through the planks distance and beyond this combination = a universal zero point energy feild in the so called space, hence the casimir effect gives us an infinite number. 

to quote.

'The vacuum energy density, or what can be called a Planck's density, was in the order of 1093 grams per cubic centimeter of space and was quickly dubbed 'the worst prediction physics has ever made' or 'the vacuum catastrophe'.

Not a catastrophe at all, but really a fundamental result backed by other aspects of infinite conectivity and feed back between expansion and contraction! The problem is to much analysis trys to seperate things as if they work in isolation. yet there is no such thing known even in  accepted physics that would equate to a totally isolated system. if it was so, it esentially would not exist. Like dimension 0. ;) 







Monday, October 22, 2018


ok part 5 , things get a little more detailed.

Ok let's go with the infinity concept here, which is something we haven't quite addressed fully yet but we will get there.

With the standard idea of infinity most fail to grasp it due to thinking about infinitely big on universal scales. However since we are dealing with the inward motion and the geometry that results from it we can represent this as infinitely small ,As opposed to the out ward seemingly infinitely large which is very limited to both our senses and our technology prowess in what can be measured.

With that said however we think this universe's size can be calculated from the general way this geometry creates different boundaries generated from a feed back between expansion and contraction at varying scales.

Other perspectives in physics claim to have done so but we don't think they are including this feed back between expansion and contraction , which is fundamental because we are claiming this happens at all scales even down to the quantum scale, despite the fact that mainstream physics has taken on a theory of physics for the small 'stuff' and a separate physics for the big 'stuff'. and fails to show how the two relate in a the fundamental way this feedback makes different boundaries .

The best way to think of this is in terms of a fractal dynamic. one famous fractal below is the Mandelbrot set, this is a graphic born out of a mathematical formula of feedback. We will show how this relates in the tetrahedron model as well.


the basic formula is

Z = Z2 + C

The Mandelbrot set is determined by iterating with this equation. By iterating, we mean that we start with a value for Z and C. We plug these into the equation to get a new value for Z. We then plug that value for Z in and get a new Z, and so on. Let's look at a simple example that will help us understand iteration.

Z C Z = Z2 + C New Z
0 1 Z = 0 + 1 1
1 1 Z = 1 + 1 2
2 1 Z = 4 + 1 5
5 1 Z = 25 + 1 26


As you can see, in this case Z just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

in this animated video below we can see each zoom in or each frame as a reiteration of the math representing the Mandelbrot set graphic., we shall also see how this can relate to the geometry of inward collapse where we begin with a spherical geometry and have the resulting tetrahedron star 


One might  enormously argue 'but this animation is 2D' , well it's perhaps more 2 Dimensional than 3D but only via perspective. If we plug the math into a 3D modeling system you get something utterly amazing. 




now here is the basic interactions of boundary condition in the tetrahedron geometry.



in part 6 we will finalize this section. Other articles and subsections will also relate to other effects from this theory relating to observable things in nature ,and things observed via experiments in physics.  Much like the north pole of Saturn has an observable geometry, there are many other observable things and side effects of movement and boundary condition created from this feed back between expansion and contraction.  We hope you like the way this is represented in bite sized parts, as articles maybe to long for some to digest. many today have an impatient and short attention span relating to the fact that a lot of data out there is overly complex where it need not be. The complexity arrises from fundamental errors in early physics teachings, As we refered to in part 1. 



At the end of part 3 we saw the hexagon. how does this relate to the 2 tetrahedrons interlocks creating a tetrahedron star? well if you draw a straight line between each point of the star you then get a hexagon.

is there anymore geometric evidence on much smaller scales?

yes there is indeed and here is a real snow flake with this geometry. all snowflakes observed under a microscope in its original form before any melting show direct evidence of this geometry.



Despite every snowflake being unique and different they all have the same base geometry.

now how does this relate to infinity? , in part 5 we will show how the expansion and contraction feedback creates within itself more feed backs , this makes boundary conditions arriving at specific relative distances to build a pattern of infinite divisions going inward .

Thursday, October 18, 2018


In part 2 we saw the idea of the smallest geometry possible while maintaining a equilateral geometry and then polarised this. Interestingly this looks a little like some ancient symbolism if 'flattened'' and then we get a star of david or the jewish star ect.

the longitude and latitude intersection points are important because we are suggesting this geometry and structure is caused by inward angular movement that in turn causes the radial spherical outward in a feedback loop.

If true then those intersection point's would show the most activity . And indeed this is what the model predicts on planets in our solar system.

Jupiter's red spot appears at the right positions for this geometry ,

our own sun ,sun spots

And saturn's north pole cloud mass.

even the mars volcano Olympus Mons falls at the right longitude and latitude.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


In part 1 we suggested the lesson in dimension's is backwards and that all that does actually exist is the dot already as 3D , How does this relate to infinity?

well here goes a new lesson in shapes on a board , no longer a dot on a board making a line of dots , then those lines making a square ,and then finally making a cube. Instead we have a sphere. , so here's a dimensional scale , the new dot if you will.

Sphere - Simplicial.png

Considering the physical attributes of radial and expansive geometry we often see spherical shapes. But we live in a universe of equal's and opposites. While we have expansion there will be contraction.

The radial geometry of expansion is obvious and easy to work out, but what is the geometry of contraction and inward motion towards its smallest possible geometry? A good perspective to use is that the radial is symmetrical and can be thought of as infinite sides . This is easier to visualise as a sphere with a mesh of triangles, this is often used in 3D modeling. We can always add more triangles. the more triangles the more sides and the more spherical the object is.

The opposite geometry would be the least amount of sides while maintaining perfect equilateral symmetry , Equilateral means all sides are exactly the same, this geometry is called a tetrahedron.


We believe that physics needs to address more on how there is a fundamental feedback between expansion and contraction, and as we go into this we will see direct evidence of these inward geometries.

We are still missing part of the results in inward geometry here because the universe is polarised, north, south ,negative charge, positive charge ect.

so to finished of this geometry we invertt another tetrahedron into the other. this generates a 3D tetrahedron star

Like this:

and we place it inside the sphere . in part 3 we will explain why we have added the longitude and latitude. this view on expansion and contraction feed back is inspired and somewhat taken from nassim haramein's work. whose efforts go way beyond our abilities to cover everything required here, but we intend to give a basic aspect so our readers can understand this bigger picture.



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