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Monday, March 11, 2019

Tommy robinson wrongly accused and incarcerated. ( download links we be given to those who ask for them )

After gathering much data we inevitably conclude via our own guide lines that practice investigation of any subject from as many angles as we can, that general confirmation bias against Tommy Robinson exist and appears to be driven from hidden sources that also drive a bias mainstream media.

We, like many others have concluded that the BBC fail grossly to follow their own guidelines. If we are seen to do the same then we always want to know about it ,we then actually do something about it. We take this very seriously, because such bias has and can still lead to defamation of character where there is no evidence to do so. It's utterly disgusting that in today's world we have people boasting a journalist title when in fact they do little to no research on the very subjects the write about. 

Again and again we don't see fair intellectual debate happening from big media sources that thousands now conclude are highly bias with hidden agendas to manipulate public opinion rather than being the transparency they often claim to be. Please note that any opposing views really have to be sensibly and verifiably provable and without name calling and slander.

Integrity and politeness are at a low-cost and requires a little effort. Thousands have followed tommy's activism and of those thousands the larger percent are agreeing with what he has to say. While the big media sources not only don't agree but lie about what he says literally putting words on tommy's mouth and twisting what he does say to alternative interpretations that most don't make, but paint him in an undesirable light.  As a result some public citizens end up with a clouded view on tommy's politics and what he stands for. or more correctly its clouded at best and false at the worst. 

At the time of writing a recent documentary from tommy and his associates exposes highly bias and racist name calling against tommy. This is some of the very same behaviour that tommy has been accused of. Yet after our own investigation we have found no such damning evidence at all against tommy. Plenty of damning evidence of racism and name calling from BBC journalist john Sweeny though. Becuse of this many people now feel that Mr Sweeny should be fired. If not then the people wanting fair unbaised debate can only conclude this translates to the BBC not only breaking their own guide lines but actually not giving a damn about public opinion as long as they get paid by the public. 

Now ask yourself if its true that corrupt and down right lazy mind sets in big media are resulting to name calling and smear campaigns, doesn't it advertise that alternative sources are of high importance more than ever. Even If you are against tommy's views its never been more important in cases like this to have the raw un clipped un-edited un-biased footage related to such things. Only when we can have originals can we see who's truly being fair and who isn't on both sides. Some of the public have been very confused on tommy's views because of this bias. Yet when they meet tommy in person this confusion clears up fairly well. and tommy often makes a friend or an acquaintance when this happens.. 

We should always remind ourself that for good people to do nothing, well you heard it before 'that's how evil comes about' ,So if you consider yourself a good person who is passionate about doing the right thing then you have an obligation to research both sides of any opposing groups to discern who is justified and who is not. How you should do this is not listen to what each side says about the other, but research them individually. because if there are false accusation's thrown around from ether side then you can't trust that. get the orignal forms of information or as close as possible and connect the dots for yourself rather than having corruption think for you. It appears that the days when big media did a fair interview are long gone, now they just try to talk over the interviewer and put words in their mouth. 

We have seen this way to much now and the public are getting sick to the core of it. 

We have concluded that the confirmation bias we see is seemingly driven by hidden agendas and by eslity swayed self indoctrinated individuals. It appears to be based in shadowy groups influencing big media to lean towards a police state and erosion of democracy in favour of a dictatorship. (Brexit anyone?)

We have a gathering of downloads and footage that are directly from tommy's work on his YouTube account. What this means is that whether you are for or against tommy's efforts and activism you will have a fair and justified education and set of evidence before you. Its our view that this is crucial before you decide on your conclusions., With out general hearsay of what he did and said and condoned. most importantly we always try to move forward with out a drive to knowingly make things up . As many have concluded certain BBC employees are making things up because fiction ,drama and lies sell, many also feel this is pretty disgusting considering the BBC ask the public to pay for their work. 

The raw footage is as it is in its original forms with out clips that are used to perpetrate a one-sided unfair bias. You maybe shocked, as this might cause you to think that this exposes a disgusting corruption. It does for us, if it don't for you then so be it.

It has for many thousands by the way. 

our last heart-felt statement with things like this, is that unless you know your enemy you cannot win fairly and justifiably for the betterment of the many. if not for the betterment of the human race. Always make sure you know what you're talking about before you call a person out as a liar. 

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