Terms and Conditions

because of controversy of some subjects here in. this terms and conditions page needs a little bit of back up that can be related to an about page, so that its clear of our intentions here 

While we realise many social platforms out there have this mantra of being neutral and claim to be platform for ''ALL IDEAS'' we think this is almost impossible. As all ideas are not all subjects or more correctly all perspectives are not all subjects. We do value alternative perspectives on things from science,technology and even what is consiousness to name just a few.
However when it comes to ideas or ideologies, and certain perspective's on how to live life inline with what individuals feel is right or justified, not all of these are safe for the betterment for the human race as a whole in a peacefull practicle progress. Certainly the world has seen some terrifiying ideas within religious extreamisum. Belief's tend to alter behaviour because as human being's we act out our life inline with what we belive.


Because of this you cant agree with everything and just be happy about it, weather you run a project or not, you will and do have an agenda, world view,a perspective and an opinion on things.
Yet many who own 1 or more social networks tend to pretend they dont and then somtimes end up contradicting themselves via seemingly unjustified bans. We are upfront and blunt about our intentions here. This may be interpeted as being rude however the main motive is to be clear because we wont waste your time with ambiguity so that you end up wasting ours.
Dispite claiming not to be ambigous there are unconventional take's on some of the projects subjects and interest, within the fringe arena over the internet we have seen many things that are claimed to be theory fail and fall flat 100% with no room for even a maybe. These are not really theories at all it seems., but delusions..
Yet we have some things that at first may initally seem controversial and untrue and just as far out, we will give good reasoning to back up these claims, or our theories and hypothesis
Within group/project pages we reserve the right to block anyone who cannot back up a claim that has in our view and many others already been disproven, You are welcome to post what ever you wish on your profile pages with exceptions listed below.
Do not push attempt's to convert others to a religion , You are fine to wish people god speed ,god bless ect but make sure your motive is not one of indoctrinating others or preaching,But to do the best we can to welcome people you are totally free to discuss such things privately with private messaging and friend only post, and of course make sure the recepient has concented to such things. So to be clear this is not a platform to try and convert others , keep it to yourself or with another concenting person privatly.
Any porn pages or related to porn content will result in a instant ban. The only exceptions are privatly shared links in private chats with another concenting receptient
We reserve the right to ban pages who we find disruptive to the comunity here and we will give our reason's in most cases.
We are not here to serve peoples selfish goals for their group or individualism. its not about one person or any particular group ,but the projects progress is first and foremost based on any merits of the ideas members can offer . not about their individualism.
We are not a platform for your claims of marginalisation of your said group or what ever you claim to be or label yourself as. We only care on what you have to offer towards the project for its progress, with a strong focus on intelectual debate minus confirmation bias, within the subject matter focused on @ the project.
Any hate post will be delted and or result in a ban depending on the seriousness in our view of the post.
We wellcome debate, just make sure you debate not flat out argue, hate and then cry victim, merely because you want to be heard and only you.
To be clear on what a Debate is, it is a process that involves formal and civil discussion on any particualr topic. It is within debate that both oposing views are willing to be wrong or learn a new view point on the orignal claim in order to move forward in progress and learning on what ever the topic is thats being debated. an ideal debate should be formal and moderated and with an audiance. If you are still unclear what a debate is versus an argument then please inform yourself then come back.
This social network is small enough to be moderated by real people, so there is no bot's watching your activity . its real people.
This works both ways too , meaning any comments under the blogs articles should be related to the articles subject otherwise we consider it a comment bot and will delete the comment.
If you wish to merely be an observer and not take interactive participation thats ok . we cant force you to interact.
but we want you to enjoy your stay, the above rules are in place for the betterment and experience of all members of the project if you dissagree with any of them please consider a different platform, we wont pretend to be all soft and fuzzy for everyone here, after what we have seen on other networks, we find that mind set simply doesnt work, and often they become what they claim to resist.
One last thing to consider before you sign up, if you havent already , that is we also reserve the right to disable accounts that have no login for 24 months.
There will be exceptions,we think this is generous and fair. any more than that with no login activity at all then clearly you have no wish to be here, the current reasoning for this is that we are on a limited budget and need server space. this may change as the project progresses.


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