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As a project that has many alternative views on things we allow discussions here for alternatives in physics and astrophysics. We particularly have a different take on geometry relating to the 3 dimensions of depth width and height than others, but this is beginning to take on a better understanding in larger social circles and others looking into physics , these people include laymen as well as professionals. In many schools we see a lesson in the past that has been taught to many explaining that dimension zero can somehow be represented as a dot. then arrangements of this zero dimension that somehow does not exist also somehow create's something in 3 stages leading to 3D , explained this way you might think this one approach is a fundamental flaw , and we believe it is, we even explain why in the EMP BLOG section , and give an alternative viewpoint that supports infinity as opposed to bounded linear states. . Please do not post anything against the terms and conditions lined out for the exploratory minds project. and make sure your social conduct is one of respecting others use and privacy of the platform.
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