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Before we describe this group one should always bear in mind we brand ourselves as alternative news and information source for your own discretion and use in your own time. We do not claim to be the all and end all of any world view or perspective on reality, Cancer research has saved lives. , However we are finally seeing a growing number of people talking in terms of prevention rather than cure when it comes to types of cancers. We have long concluded such research needs far more attention than just standard 'cancer research' , Hence a slight difference of the common term. We do not make 100% claims here on the alternatives. But then neither should a mainstream spot light on the term 'cancer research' claim a cure. or something 100% effective. Its our view that both sides of the perspectives on the ssues of cancer need far more transparency and intellectual honesty than we might have witnessed over the years. If that view is wrong. We welcome your point of view to prove it wrong.
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